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Does your work keeps obstructing due to the shutting of kindle fire often?

This can happen to any kindle fire device; but it is a serious problem if it’s happening often even if the battery is charged. There is no app running in the background or videos are being played and the device is shutting constantly. These issues can be fixed with some simple steps or the users can contact us at our Kindle Fire tech support number and we will help you with the issues and any other issue regarding the device.

There could be many solutions; the user can opt for resolving the issue. Some of them are mentioned below and if the user wants detailed solution to this issue or any other issue, then contact our customer service. The solutions depend on why this problem has occurred.

  • If the Kindle Fire is shutting down regularly, then the user can have the simplest solution by restarting it. Hold the power button for 20 seconds and the Kindle Fire will be turned off. After that turn the device on again. This fix may solve all the issue and the device is ready to work.
  • The next solution could be to reset the device to factory settings. For this go to Settings and then in Device options. Click on Reset to factory defaults and the device will start the process. This solution will fix many of the issues and if there is still some issue then it would be hardware related issues. After resetting, re-register the device and load all the applications again.
  • Go to the menu, tap ‘more’ and then ‘sounds and display’, ‘screen time out’ and then click ‘never’. This issue will only fix some issues and not all the issues.
  • Sometimes the users face the shutdown of device while running certain applications. This can happen due to the reason that RAM is full and device may shutdown in order to fix the issue. While running the application, monitor the apps about their RAM consumption and from time to time clear the cache. If the user thinks that certain application is suspicious then uninstall it and see if the reboot issue is showing or not.
  • Sometime the issue could be the faulty battery. This can be due to the battery overheating which is a serious issue. The usage of the apps on the device may somehow make it warm but overheating of battery is an issue which can be due to heavy processing. The device shuts down to protect itself from the heating. To resolve this issue, the user can contact the service centre for replacement.
  • Sometimes the issue could be of the power button mechanism. Sound vibration or the extra CPU workload may be tripping it. The cables connected to motherhood may face issue.

The user can face many other issues and all these issues can be easily solved step by step by our technicians. All the software related issues can be solved by our technical team and we have highly experts who have vast knowledge in this field. The user can contact us at our Kindle customer service number and our team will facilitate in solving these issues easily.


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