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The internet age has made it a compulsion and necessity for everyone to experience the pros and cons of internet.

Netgear wireless n Router Tech Support Number

But just like every other technical device or service, it also faces issues and problems which are not always easy to resolve by the general population i.e. individuals with no or negligible knowledge of the 192.168.o.1 technical space and who needs to be guided to resolve the issues.Netgear Wireless and Router Support Service Phone Number 1-888-959-1458

Netgear Router Tech Support Number

NETGEAR is an American networking company, spread across the whole world. The original name of the company is NETGEAR Inc. but it is trademarked, stylized and marketed as just NETGEAR. It delivers products to all the three sectors that matter i.e. consumers, service providers and businesses. It operates in three business segments i.e. commercial, retail and service provider. Netgear Customer Service Phone Number

The products that it offers are built on proven technologies, such as:

  • Wireless, which includes WIFI and LTE
  • Powerline
  • Ethernet

Their major focus is reliability and ease of use.

Their products consist of wired as well as wireless devices that enable broadband access, networking and network connectivity. Being available in multiple configurations, the products address the needs of the users of every geographic region wherever it is made available.

Netgear Router Technical Support Phone Number

A rough estimate of the company’s reach can be estimated with it being sold in 28000 retail locations approximately, through 31000 value-added resellers as well as major mobile, wireline and cable service providers around the world.

It is headquartered in San Jose, California, with many offices in roughly 25 other countries.

The issue with NETGEAR is that it contains a backdoor that allows unauthorized remote access by other devices, making it prone to hacking and other security issues.There There is need to call on our Netgear Customer service phone number 1-888-959-1458.

Products and Services

The global networking company offers products and services focused in the networking space for both commercial as well as residential purposes and both wired as well as wireless technologies.

The major products can be summarized as follows:

  • Prosafe Switch- It is a very cost effective solution for network switching for small and medium sized businesses, without the complexity of big IT companies.
  • Network Appliances- These include routers, modems, NETGEAR router nighthawks, DSL modems and orbi-wifi systems et-cetera.
  • Network-attached Storage- It is a type of file storage device that provides local-area network (LAN) nodes with file-based shared storage through a standard Ethernet Connection.
Netgear Customer Service number

Netgear Wireless and router Support

Netgear router Tech Support Phone Number

Common problems with NETGEAR products

  • Installation- The installation guide is not very easy to understand and might possess language barrier. NETGEAR router login id as well as password is set to default for first time users.
  • Setup- The physical as well as digital setup of the network device is advised to be done by a professional. In case of personal setups, it becomes difficult to understand the technicality and distance to be maintained of the device.
  • Configuration- To configure the device, users needs CDs or one-click connection buttons; but those are never perfect or easy. Almost all web devices have configuration screens, IP addresses, default username and password, but it is not easy to remember or go forward with the default settings
  • Connectivity- Every web device user faces connectivity issues in case of range from the device.
  • Sharing- Sometimes, there are issues in sharing the device with another user due to internal settings et-cetera.
  • Router Malfunctioning- this includes everything from malfunctioning NETGEAR router lights to power button to antennas to overall device.
  • Pairing- There are cases in which the user successfully installs the device, but is unable to pair different devices e.g. laptop is paired but mobile phone is not pairing.
  • Damaged/ NETGEAR router not working- Damaged antennas or the power button makes it difficult for users to use the device smoothly.
  • Deep Technical knowledge- Not every human has a keen understanding or knowledge of the technical space of every digital device. This causes problems for non-technical individuals to use these devices smoothly.
  • Not always secure- Wireless devices are not always secure and can be misused by unwanted devices that are attached without permission.
  • Speed and range issues- The distance of the device from the user determines the speed. Devices come in different ranges as per the use, but there are times in which, due to technical issues, the speed lags.
  • Hacks- Individuals with strong technical background are able to hack into such devices to misuse and abuse it. It is very dangerous and users need to be careful about unwanted devices.
  • Wireless adapter is unable to connect using WPA2-PSK security- Technical issues related to the adapter and security settings raise security concerns and doubts in the minds of users.
  • Unwanted devices connectivity- Users need to keep a check on the connection of unwanted devices on the web device to stay safe and secure from hackers or cyber criminals.
  • USB adapter not detecting- This might be caused due to damaged USB adapter or internal damage to the device.
  • File Sharing- Plugging in an external drive to the device is not always simple, but requires the user to fill a complex setup screen to attach a USB drive to the device.
  • Change DNS provider- It is not easy to change the Domain Name System of the device after the device is already been setup.
  • Unable to access internet- This may be caused due to many reasons from router damage to router malfunctioning to connection issues to backend issues at the ISP (internet service provider)
  • Lag while playing online or streaming videos- This is caused due to connection issues and backend issues; irritating the user and delaying his work.

Due to the rapid increase in the smart home devices, streaming video services and online gaming platforms, maintaining a strong and stable internet connection is extremely important and necessary.

Common Home Solutions

  • Ping Test: Open command prompt in Windows and type “Ping” followed by the IP address of the site to be pinged. Type full address if the IP address is unknown e.g. Ping This sends data packets to the target site to measure the speed of the connection in milliseconds. Successful results are timed results while unsuccessful results means issues with modem, router or at the ISP end.
  • Power lights: Look at the router’s LED indicators in case of no internet. If no light is on, it means that the router is either unplugged or powered down. The user needs to disconnect the power cord and reconnect it after a few minutes. The power switch needs to be in the ‘on’ position. In case, the problem still continues, the reasons might be faulty power strip, failed power adapter, or a fried router. To further check, connect with a cable or DSL and check if the modem is getting power.
  • Check Status: Status of the connection can be checked by checking the router and modem connection. Firstly, the LED indicators are checked. If the ‘online’ LED is not lit, restart the modem and then restart the router. If it is already lit, check WAN indicator.
  • Change Channel: The most widely used frequency is 2.4GHz band, but routers use one of the 14 frequencies or channels, as per their configuration. When these channels overlap, it causes the Wi-Fi connection t be spotty due to channel interference. The user needs to change the Wi-Fi channel by using the router-management console.
  • Cable Connection: Users need to check their cable connection before even thinking about restarting or resetting the device because these cables are often chewed up by squirrels or rats or knocked loose by debris from a storm; causing faulty connection. In case of cable splitters, check each connection to confirm that it is tight and the connectors are properly crimped.
  • Start Fresh: Users need to reset the device, if rebooting does not resolve the problem. To reset the device to its factory defaults, users need to press the small reset button on the rear panel and hold it down for several seconds (usually 10-15 seconds) until the LED lights on the front begins to flash. Once the device is reset, it needs to be reinstalled.
  • Make Sure Your Firmware Is Current: Firmware is installed at the factory on the read-only memory (ROM) chip. It is embedded software which allows the router hardware to implement security and network protocols. There are downloadable firmware updates/ NETGEAR router updates that add new features, resolve performance issues and increase the complete performance. Install the appropriate firmware version. User shall not buy or download firmware from a third-party site.
  • NETGEAR Router Extender: Extenders are used when the already setup device is unable to reach the user i.e. range issues. It can either be resolved by readjusting the router’s antennas or by changing the location of the router or by buying a higher range router to improve the signals. In cases where none of the above is possible or desired by the user, he can purchase a range extender to boost the router’s Wi-Fi signal.
  • Device configuration: Issues with pairing can be resolved by checking the Wi-Fi settings of the device that is unable to connect/ pair, the Wi-Fi needs to be enabled and connected to the appropriate SSID by using the correct security password. NETGEAR wireless N router Technical support Phone Number. The adapter settings need to be checked too, to make sure that it is working properly and has the latest driver.
  • Make Sure the PC Is Healthy: Users need to check for viruses, spyware, and malware because it can run undetected and have a significant/ adverse impact on the Web surfing speed and overall performance of the device.
  • Time to Upgrade the Router: Old routers need to be upgraded to a newer and more powerful version, especially in cases with multiple client devices fighting for bandwidth.NETGEAR wireless router support number. Moreover, newer routers always employ the latest technologies to keep a check on the speed delivered by the device and the enhanced Wi-Fi range.
  • Dial up your ISP: If users are experiencing Internet connection woes and are unable to resolve it on their own; it’s the right time to call their service provider. The NETGEAR wireless router support is equipped with experts and professional understanding about all the devices, enabling them to resolve nearly all the issues and problems related to the various devices; giving the users a smooth & happy experience and promoting the devices; building trust in the minds of the users towards the company.